About Us

  • The company comprises an eclectic group of industry professionals that span multiple sectors to bring a unique collective of minds who share a common long term vision of human kind's relationship with the minerals it consumes
  • The company is developing a platform that harnesses existing datasets to develop algorithms for the generation of smart targets in the hunt for critical metals required for the new green age
  • Deep dive analytics will be utilised to extract the most out of geological data, old and new, increase efficiency and bring the mining sector into the modern age
  • Track and trace metals from source to consumer with blockchain technology will be vital for ethical sourcing and tracking of carbon footprint
  • Becoming an active participant in space programs / terrestrial satellite surveys / planetary mineral surveillance as human kind becomes an interplanetary species


  • Mineral source targeting software
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Exploration strategies
  • Remote sensing
  • Data security, validation and verification
  • Blockchain