Planetary-AI partners with International Geoscience Services to acquire the Xplore software platform

Planetary-AI Limited (Planetary-AI) is delighted to announce its partnership with International Geoscience Services Ltd (IGS), a leading provider of earth based intelligence to governments worldwide.


The partnership agreement will see both companies collaborating to deliver cutting edge target generation for the mineral exploration and mining industry via the Xplore Platform. 


The Xplore Platform is software that enables geographic targeting of any element based on a plethora of information both geological and topographical. The software's intelligence is based on over fifty (50) mineral deposit types that are found all around the world which are dependant on factors such as geology, structure, age, mineralogy and specific spacial geological relationships. Xplore is unique in comparison to other types of mineral targeting software as it is backed by real geological mineral deposit intelligence from experts. 


The terms of the partnership agreement allow IGS to acquire a maximum of 25% of Planetary-AI which will depend on how much is invested enhancing the Xplore Platform and other key deliverables by both parties.


The partnership agreement will also see the potential for Planetary-AI to expand its services into field based data acquisition through various geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys.


Managing Director Gavin Berkenheger said, "This is a major milestone for our fledgling company. Our new partnership provides ample opportunities to prove our mineral targeting capabilities which will greatly be enhanced with the acquisition of the Xplore Platform. Xplore will provide the initial building blocks of a unique mineral targeting software which we will be developing over the coming years which we will be enhancing with machine learning and satellite capability. Our new partner, IGS, maintain a high reputation and wealth of experience in the mining sector around the world and we look forward to working closely with them as we develop our mineral targeting capabilities." 




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