De-risking Early Exploration Geothermal Exploration


Planetary AI applies sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to reduce the risk and cost of critical mineral exploration phases. Our goal is to apply the same technology to de-risk geothermal exploration and development.

Xplore’s powerful data model offers smarter, more efficient and flexible geodata processing and integration capabilities than traditional systems. Xplore rapidly tests the different types of geo-data sets that exist for a region, country or geological terrane and automatically creates complex prospectivity analysis maps quickly, efficiently and accurately providing value for money. This will ultimately lead to increased discovery rates of those critical minerals vital to meeting the global Net Zero targets. This capability makes it ideal for early-stage geothermal exploration.


Geothermal energy will play vital part in reducing reliance on hydrocarbons whilst still meeting the world’s energy needs. Geothermal developments will also play an increasingly important role in meeting Net Zero Targets.

Planetary AI are developing sophisticated pre-drill technologies that can identify sub surface characteristics suitable for geothermal flow and heat. These technologies will capture subsurface data that will be used in Xplore to generate high quality geothermal prospectivity maps that can enable higher levels of confidence in the geothermal potential of a region.

Xplore prospectivity maps can be used to guide geothermal developers and senior decision-makers to make well-informed decisions regarding the selection of geothermal locations, as well as influencing the crucial decision-making process to raise investment. Importantly Xplore can de-risk pre-drill levels and enable drilling capital to be expended on those sites that offer the highest level of data to support success.